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Teeth Cleaning in DelhiDo you become apprehensive when you see yellow and black stains on your teeth? The reason for that is plaque and tartar that, if left unattended, it can cause impairment to gums around your teeth. If you are going through the same, you can consider teeth cleaning in Delhi at Crown and Roots.

Here are some FAQ’s regarding Teeth cleaning treatment in Delhi.

When do I opt for Teeth cleaning Treatment in Delhi

The yellow tartar seen over teeth and gums is an abnormal finding. The normal colour of teeth may vary from white to yellow. But extra deposits like tartar needs removal. For this very reason, annual visits to dental clinic is recommended. To schedule your appointment for Teeth cleaning in Delhi call or whatsapp at +91-9821999447

Is it going to hurt if I opt for teeth cleaning in Delhi?

Teeth cleaning has made big advancements due to shift towards using ultrasonic equipment technology over the last few years and because of that procedure can be completed in only one sitting. These ultrasonic equipment’s are completely harmless to your teeth and are completely safe. It yields very gentle ultrasonic vibrations at high speed. Occasionally the dentist might require you to give anaesthesia.

Which type of cleaning is better hand scaling or ultrasonic? 

There is no doubt that ultrasonic is faster and safer way of teeth cleaning in Delhi. Earlier hand instruments were used to clean tartar deposits but they were time consuming and skill dependant. With introduction of ultrasonics in dentistry, teeth cleaning has become a simpler and more predictible procedure. 

Is Teeth cleaning different from Teeth Polishing?

As soon as the initial cleansing is carried out, a rotating system is used with the utility of a bit toothpaste. This attempts to take out the plaque that could nevertheless persist beneath the gums. It additionally polishes the teeth methodically to hinder future accumulation of plaque. Then your dentist could floss among the teeth to confiscate any difficult to reach plaque. So, dental tooth cleaning is effectively a combination of ultrasonic cleaning, rotating brushing and flossing. You will be able to see immediate effects after the completion of the cleansing. There are no side-outcomes to getting your teeth cleaned.

My gums bleed when I brush. What should I do Now?

It is one of the common finding these days specially in the young population. Bleeding while brushing encountered on daily basis is chronic problem of gums which needs specialist advice. This suggests some abnormal inflammation is happening in gums which needs to be corrected. We would advise you to schedule a consultation appointment with our experts to find out exact cause.

My teeth will become loose if I go for teeth cleaning?

This is one of the most common myths about teeth cleaning. The gums have no detrimental effects after teeth cleaning. Ideally after a certain age, teeth cleaning should be done once every year. 

Why Choose Crown and Roots for teeth cleaning in South Delhi?

Not only making the whole procedure painless, dentists at our clinic make it sure that the yellow stains don’t come back again. They ensure that you deploy the correct hygiene practices in your daily routine. Flossing is encouraged and yearly visit to our dental clinic is must. Be rest assured your precious smile is in safe hands. Call for consultation appointment today at +91-9821999447.

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