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Why Invisible Braces Are Benificial For Both Oral Health And Self Confidence

Why Invisible Braces Are Benificial For Both Oral Health And Self Confidence

Braces have been used to treat malalignedor irregular teeth since ages…but there are a few inherent disadvantages to this treatment mordality that makes it cumbersome and uncomfortable…to say the least!!

Invisialign or invisible braces are the latest treatment option for correction of mal aligned teeth. They are inconspicuous, removable and absolutely comfortable and overcomes any and every disadvantage of the conventional braces.

Enlisting a few key differences here

Easy to keep the teeth clean;

Conventional braces being bulky and permanently fixed on teeth, makes cleaning of teeth very difficult. It is this difficulty in cleaning that leads to other gum problems like swelling of gums (gingivitis), bad breath (halitosis), caries and sometimes even bone loss leading to mobility in teeth.

Whereas Invisalign is just easy as a breeze, 4 steps

  • Take out the Invisalign tray
  • Clean the teeth
  • Clean the tray
  • Put back in mouth

No wires, so nicks and cuts, literally!!

The major disadvantage of conventional braces is having all those wires and brackets in your mouth, the wire impingement, the brackets breakage… leading to dental emergencies, frequent bleeding ultimately leading to pain and discomfort.

Where as in Invisalign, there is absolutely no wire involved, nothing sharp in the mouth.Instead you are given a set of trays that are comfortable, soft, flexible and transparent. They ensure fewer dental visits as compared to the metal braces.

Flaunt a confident smile, even during the treatment!!

If you are a college student, or a primary school teacher or the CEO of a multinational company….it doesn’t matter, because EVERYBODY can undergo orthodontic treatment with Invisalign.

These trays are practically invisible from a distance. It only adds to self confidence when you flaunt that smile with Invisalign.

No food restrictions !!

Another major advantage of Invisalign is that they are removable. Hence you can take them off and enjoy your favourite food without any restrictions. Having excessive sticky and hard foods are avoided during treatment with metal braces fearing breakage of brackets…but with Invisalign, you can eat that cheezy pasta and those crunchy nuts all you like.

Predictable result;

What better than being able to see the final result, that is your sparkling aligned smile even before the start of the treatment. Yes it’s true, with Invisalign, with the help of a simple scan and software, your dentist is able to show you what your final smile would look like. If this isn’t the perfect motivation, we know know what is.

Finally, we can conclude that its time to get the invisible treatment for the visible results…it literally cannot get better. Crown and roots dental clinic, south Delhi is one of the Invisalign certified centers in Delhi, call in now or check out their website and book your scan today!!

Happy smiling.

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