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Teeth Whitening in Delhi

Teeth Whitening in Delhi

Pearly, white, sparkly teeth: this is what everyone likes, but only some have them. Coffee, wine, tobacco, medications, all can leave traces. As the years pass by, the shade of your teeth gets transformed from snowy white to ivory yellow. Lots of individuals feel self-conscious to smile fully. That is a shame as the smile is one of the most determining aspects of the first impression we leave on others. Teeth whitening is the procedure of bleaching your teeth so as to make them appear some shades whiter.

What are the reasons for yellow and discolored teeth?

  • Some of the elements that cause teeth to appear yellow and stained are:
  • Smoking with by-products of tar and nicotine leaves unappealing brown pigments.
  • Tea and coffee will have the same effect over time.
  • Teeth can naturally become a shade darker than desired because of heredity.
  • Wearing braces or other dental devices for lengthy periods of time will stain the enamel.

Treatment we offer

At Crown and Roots, accompanied by home teeth whitening systems, we offer solutions for professional teeth whitening services in South Delhi treatments for instantaneous results. Maximum professional teeth whitening systems are based on laser technology that uses a light joined with the peroxide bleaching gel to give a quicker outcome. The solutions we offer in the field of professional teeth whitening treatments are at par with the global standard. We target at providing a faster and safer tooth whitening treatment at the most affordable cost.

Teeth Whitening Cost in Delhi

When it comes to offering a long-lasting whitening solution for your teeth, Crown and Roots, located in South Delhi, is certainly your best bet by all respects. Our revolutionary efforts in cosmetic dentistry concepts have given a new dimension to dental practices. With pioneering approaches of Teeth Whitening in South Delhi, we have helped individuals get the best solutions for teeth whitening. Furthermore, we use patented products and follow the techniques as per international standards, thus guaranteeing the best services to our esteemed clients. Visit our clinic and get your smile back with glittering white teeth! We offer home teeth whitening solutions as well as professional teeth whitening treatments. At times, a combination of both the systems becomes essential and we do it to bring you the paramount result. Most prominently, our teeth whitening systems are unique as we use products that are the most recent discoveries s in the domain of cosmetic dentistry across the globe.

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