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Root Canal Treatment in Delhi

Root Canal Treatment in Delhi

A root canal procedure is an endodontic treatment via which infected, injured or dead pulp is removed from the tooth. At Crown and Roots dental clinic in South Delhi, the primary purpose for carrying out a root canal treatment is to save an infected tooth and preserve the nearby structures.

When Do I need a Root Canal treatment?

The chief reason that an affected person might necessitate a root canal treatment is owing to an untreated cavity. Left untreated, the decay can wear away the teeth and dentin till it, in the end, impairs the foundation and vitality of the teeth. This decay then outcomes in swelling and septicity of the pulp, referred to as an abscess. Untreated periodontitis (gum sickness) also can lead to pulpal inflammation, that will then necessitate this treatment. In case you desire to undergo a painless RCT in South Delhi, visit our hospital these days.

What happens in a Root Canal Procedure?

In a root canal procedure, the dentist will anaesthetize the patient in that particular area with a local anaesthetic. In few anxious patients, conscious patients may also be advised. With help of endodontic instruments the infected pulp is removed, followed by thorough disinfection. Final step of root canal is where the canal fillings are done followed by tooth filling in the decayed part through silver amalgam or latest tooth coloured filling. If an abscess is there, the dentist possibly must drain it; this may take a few days, and a further appointment is probably required to finish the procedure. The root canal treated teeth may or may not require a crown.

Will Crown and Roots perform Painless RCT in South Delhi

Dr Kartik Datta is the chief root canal specialist at Crown and Roots. With almost eight years of experience he makes the procedure absolutely painless. He has a opinion that every tooth should be given a second chance and extracting the tooth should be the last resort. Do visit the testimonial section to hear what our patients has to say about him. With the help of latest techniques and armamentarium the procedure is ensured completely painless. Book your appointment with Dr Kartik to know more about the procedure.

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