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Oral Health in Pregnancy in South Delhi

Oral Health in Pregnancy in South Delhi

Oral health in pregnancy is an often an overlooked aspect, especially in India. The D word is often associated with pain and fear and hence is frequently ignored/postponed until it becomes an emergency. But as it is wisely said ‘ a stitch in time saves nine’!!!

Here are a few simple steps to keep in mind so that you can welcome your little bundle of joy with a sparkling smile

  • PRE- CONCEPTION DENTAL VISIT  it is recommended that a women should visit a dentist before planning the pregnancy, it is as important as medical screening or genetic counselling. Professional cleaning if required will be done and a thorough check up will ensure a painless and comfortable journey ahead.
  • PREGNENCY DENTAL CARE some of the common dental problems in pregnancy and ways to prevent them;   
  • Gum problems- hormonal changes and increased blood flow during pregnancy can lead to bleeding gums and sometimes loosening of teeth. It can be prevented by simple methods like a professional cleaning before conception, mouth rinse with salt and warm water.
  • Dental caries- morning sickness lead difficulty in brushing teeth, this along with increased gastric acid reflux lead to increased incidence of caries. Ask your dentist for an alternative bland toothpaste or mouthwash to cope with this.
  • Diet and nutrition-  It is very important that a pregnant woman maintains her proper diet and supplements as recommended by her gynaecologist. Problems like gestational diabetes or Iron deficiency anemia are common disorders which can occur during pregnancy and can’t be overlooked.

As far as elective dental procedures are considered, first and third trimester are more important and procedures should be avoided. Procedures like Extraction of decayed tooth should be ideally done in second trimester, as it is safest for carrying out any dental procedure. In case of acute pain where pain relief can occur only through emergency root canal procedure, proper consent should be taken from the gynaecologist and procedure can be carried out. Before taking any analgesics or antibiotics, kindly consult your gynaecologist. Xrays if neccessary should be taken under protection from lead apron.

At Crown and Roots, best Dentist in Delhi we are aware of all the things to be kept in mind when a pregnant patient visits a dental clinic in delhi. We have a calming ambience which relieves all the apprehension and fears and the patient feels relaxed throughout the procedure. For any dental consultation contact our team on 9821999447,011-40159447

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