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How To Take Your Kid To A Dentist Without Any Fuss

How To Take Your Kid To A Dentist Without Any Fuss

With the increase in processed and junk food, the incidence of dental ceries especially in children is at an all-time high.

Therefore it is all the more important to create awareness among children about healthy oral habits and visiting a dentist regularly is one of them.

Now the big question is How ???

How To Overcome The Fear And Instill A Sense Of Comfort For The Child Towards The Dentist, Here Are A Few Simple Yet Extreemly Effective Steps ;

No Negative Reinforcements

  • If you don’t brush your teeth, I will take you to dentist
  • If you eat that candy, dentist aunty will give you injection

Sounds familiar ?? By threatening the child by the dentist, you might temporarily get the child to comply with you, but in the long run you have created a deep rooted fear in the child’s mind. Going to dental clinic is not a punishment, and by making such statements, we create such an image in the child’s innocent developing mind…which is something that stays with people even during adulthood and result in a cycle of neglect of oral health.

Regular And Early Start Of Dental Check Up’s

Do not wait till you spot a cavity on your child’s tooth, or till he complains of toothache to take him to a dentist. Firstly because that might already be too late, a dentist could easily intercept a cavity much before you do and prevent it from progressing further. And secondly, a child is much less likely to cooperate if his first dental visit is in pain and urgency. Instead, a child should have had his first dental visit by his first birthday.

First few visits should only be to familiarize with the place, the people and the set up.

Don‘t Pass On Your Own Fears

Dentistry as a whole has changed multifold during the last few decades. With the latest advances and techniques, the dentistry today is comfortable and almost painless.Those tea time discussions about how painful and frightening extractions used to be should be stopped. Let your child has his own experience and make his own opinion on things.

Find A Child Friendly Clinic

CROWN AND ROOTS DENTAL CLINIC, DELHI is one the most child friendly, clean, hygenic and affordable clinic in Delhi NCR. They make it a point to avoid any procedures at the first visit if possible and make the child comfortable. The child is not only allowed but encouraged to ask questions and are patiently and age appropriately answered. ‘Tell-show-do’ technique- giving the child age appropriate information, and taking consent goes a long way in creating a bond of trust between the dentist and child.

Lastly, ensuring good oral hygiene and positive attitude towards oral health in children is a team effort of both the parents and the dentist. So choose your dentist wisely and gift your child a lifetime of positive approach and healthy smile. Crown and roots dental clinic, Delhi, is a centrally located clinic with all the modern facilities and a child specialist ( PAEDODONTIST) on panel. Book your appointment today for any queries or concerns.


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