Ease Your Child’s Dental Fear

It’s a common conception that dental procedures are painful & terrifying and therefore, a visit to the dentist is much dreaded by individuals, especially kids. While many people admit avoiding dental visits due to anxiety & fright, skipping regular dental care isn’t really a good idea for your child’s dental health.

So what’s the solution? To this, our experts at our Dental Clinic in Delhi, Crown & Roots, say “The best way to relieve your child’s fear of the dentists is to start early. We recommend a visit within the first six months of teething; not only is infant dental care of profound importance but this way, your child will get into the routine of visiting the dentist. And of course, a careful choice of the dentist is important too; your child should feel comfortable & at ease with the dentists.  At crown and roots, we usually do not start any procedure for children on their first visit, the child is allowed to see, observe, touch and ask questions about anything and everything in the clinic. In this way the fear is relieved and child develops a sense of confidence.

Also, we council parents to not make a dental visit a form of punishment for the child.

Parents are also advised not to share their previous traumatic incidents or any scary dental stories/myths with the child, dentistry has improved tremendously and not a scary affair anymore.  After one visit with our specialist, children actually look forward to their regular dental checkup’s.

Even if your kids fear to visit a dentist, it shouldn’t be a bad experience for them. Most children can be calmed and comforted, alleviating their anxiety & ensuring optimal oral health. We, at Crown & Roots, ensure a pleasant & comfortable dental visit for your kids. We understand that dental processes can come across as scary or complicated to your child, & therefore, among the Best Dentists in Delhi, our empathetic and experienced experts know how to treat and examine children in the ways that make them calm and comfortable. Visit our Dental Clinic in Delhi, with dedicated kids’ dentists for more information & care for your child’s oral health!

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