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Crown And Roots Dental Clinic Introduces An E-Consultation Program For Delhi And Worldwide Patients

Crown And Roots Dental Clinic Introduces An E-Consultation Program For Delhi And Worldwide Patients

Crown and Roots Dental Clinic releases an e-consultation program. It supports patients who can’t go to the clinic to consult their dental problems.

Crown and Roots Dental Clinic, a multi-specialty dental clinic in New Delhi, releases an e-consultation program. This program helps patients who want to consult their dental problems anytime and anywhere. The manager of this dental clinic explained, “The access to meet the best dentist in Delhi is limited during Covid-19. People can’t meet others face to face as often as before. It will be a problem if they have a dental problem to solve immediately. Our clinic released the e-consultation program based on the recent issues.”

Patients can ask anything related to dental treatments with this program. Then, they can come to the clinic if it is necessary. First-time patients can also consult about the root canal treatment cost in Delhi by submitting an online form. The manager of this dental clinic stated, “There is an online form on the official website. Patients who want to consult only have to complete and submit it. Our team will reply to the request. The goal of this procedure is to let dentists know the basic dental problem and analyze it. Patients even have to upload their selfies or smiling pictures to help the process.”

They can continue the process by making an appointment with the dentists if they have to. Nowadays, this clinic also improves its official website with an online appointment. Just like the e-consultation, patients need to complete an online form to get the appointment date to consult about their dental problems. The manager of this clinic specified, “E-consultation can also limit direct contact that may spread the Coronavirus. Yet, we still apply tight protocols if patients have to go to the hospital for an urgent medical procedure.” This new feature is also useful to share the latest update, such as a new painless RCT in Delhi. It is the reason why patients have to input their mobile phones, WhatsApp numbers, and active email addresses.

E-consultation also solves the distance problem for foreign patients. The manager of the clinic described, “Foreign patients can also consult anytime and anywhere. It gives benefits because they don’t need to go to Delhi only to consult the problem. They can go to the clinic only when it is necessary to do so, and they have to meet Dr. Kartik Datta or Dr. Mansi Datta for further dental treatment.” Covid-19 and far away distance are no longer a problem to get a proper and safe dental treatment with a maximum result.

About Crown and Roots Dental Clinic

Crown and Roots Dental Clinic is a multi-specialty dental clinic in New Delhi. It covers a variety of dental treatments, including root canal treatment, dental implant, tooth extraction, and many more. Nowadays, patients can consult their problems using the e-consultation feature before meeting with the dentists.

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