Best Braces Treatment in South Delhi

5 reasons to have Braces?

1. Smile :

Many a  times people don’t smile even though they are happy because they don’t like how their teeth looks.  They are not able to express themselves completely and end up  being left out by the people around them. Dental Braces are used all over the world to correct the faulty  smile by changing position of teeth to their correct ideal position in the mouth, thus giving you a good reason to flaunt your smile.

2. Ugly Deposits :

Teeth which are unevenly placed especially in front part of mouth are difficult to be cleaned with toothbrush ,as our toothbrush is not able to reach in certain areas due to overlapping of teeth. Thus causing minor food particles to be stucked in mouth for hours, days and sometimes even years. This causes permanent discolouration of tooth surface from white to yellow or even  black at times. Braces correct their position so that such areas are easily accessible for cleaning, hence preventing stains and bad odour

3. Aging :

Your badly positioned teeth may not be causing any problem to you now, but chances are, as you grow old they will start affecting you. If you have some spacing between your teeth, it will increase gradually with age.If your bite is deep i.e. your upper teeth covers your lower teeth completely, then your lower teeth will start losing its surface and might become sensitive and mobile in few years.

To prevent these problems , it is advisable to correct their position before damage reaches to irreversible state.

  1. Difficulty and pain :

Sometimes because of the improper positioning of upper teeth in relation to lower teeth, the forces applied on biting, opening and closing of mouth are not evenly transferred to our other muscle and joints in the mouth. Thus causing spasm, pain and clicking sound on the joint connecting head and jaw. This joint called as temporo-mandibular joint is very important for proper functioning of mouth.The permanent solution to get rid of such problem is proper positioning of teeth which can be accompalished only by braces.

  1. Prevention:

Prevention is always better than cure. Dental problems are a viscous circle, which once starts is difficult to get rid off easily. The origin of all dental problems from teenage to old age  begins with improper positioning of teeth . It is the first step of viscous circle and eliminating this step will prevent all your future problems.In developed countries like USA, UK it is mandatory for every kid to undergoe orthodontic treatment in their growing years.

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