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5 things to know about Single sitting RCT in Delhi

5 things to know about Single sitting RCT in Delhi

Root canal procedure is the most common procedures done in a dental clinic in Delhi. After a conventional dental filling procedures fails, painless Root canal treatment in Delhi is the next resort.

Why do I need a Root canal?

It is beyond doubt that when you experience spontaneous pain, pain on biting or sensitivity to hot and cold fluids you are more prone to be diagnosed with pulpitis in one of your teeth. Gold standard is to acknowledge the Clinical finding with X-ray of the tooth. Whenever spontaneous pain starts in a cavitated tooth, usually treatment plan is to do Painless root canal treatment in Delhi.

Is single sitting Root canal treatment a good option?

Nowadays with advances in treatment technology root canal treatment which earlier used to be multi visit procedure has been reduced to single visit.  But the big question which is better? If we go according to literature single visit vs Multi visit shows equal efficacy if properly done. The success rate in long terms depends upon multiple factors. The bacterial load should reduce to minimal and this would ultimately lead to successful procedure.

Will Single sitting RCT hurt more?

If a tooth is properly anaesthetise the chances of a painless procedure is more. However in some cases due to increased inflammation in pulp there may be a clinical scenario of hot tooth. This situation also can be adequately tackled if proper anaesthetic block are administered. Single sitting RCT can be considered equally painless root canal treatment in Delhi.

Where can I get Single Sitting RCT in Delhi?

Crown and Roots Dental clinic is located in South Extension Part 2 which can be considered in heart of city. It is easily approachable through metro, road and just 20 mins away from airport and railway station. For root canal treatment, Dr Kartik Datta is the chief endodontist who specialises in single sitting root canal in an absolute painless manner.

What is the cost of Single sitting RCT in Delhi?

At Crown and Roots dental clinic in Delhi the cost of single sitting RCT is Rs. 3500 in front tooth and Rs. 4500 in back tooth . These are affordable charges in comparison to other dental procedures.

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