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5 reasons why you should visit the best dentist in Delhi : Crown and Roots dental clinic

5 reasons why you should visit the best dentist in Delhi : Crown and Roots dental clinic

I know I have something wrong with my teeth, but I am so scared to visit a dentist!!

I would love to get my smile makeover done, but it must be super expensive!!

Sounds familiar? Read on, you are at the right space.

Dentistry today is not the same as it was a decade ago…it is much more advanced, painless, comfortable and affordable!!

Oral health is related to your overall health, and maintaining it is not just related to dental visits, it’s a way of life and a lifelong commitment to self.

Crown and roots dental clinic is one of the best dentist in Delhi NCR, which helps patients in every aspect of their journey to a happy healthy smile.

Here are 5 reasons to choose Crown and Roots dental clinic

Specialist Treatment: An endodontist is a Root canal specialist, a Prosthodontist is some who deals with all kinds of artificial teeth, like crowns, dentures, implants… similarly for every treatment in dentistry there is a seperate specialist. Like you would not go to a cardiologist for a bone issue, similarly in dentistry it is imperative to stick to the specialist. Crown and roots dental clinic have a team of all specialist, thus giving you the best treatment you deserve.

Latest Equipment’s: The best hands are incomplete without proper tools and technology supporting them! from in house OPG machine to the latest zoom whitening system in the world…Crown and Roots dental clinic has all the equipment’s to make your dental visits as effective and as comfortable as possible!

Sterilisation Protocol: If the last two years battling COVID have taught us anything, it’s the importance proper standards of protocol when it comes to sterilisation. At Crown and Roots clinic, strict protocol is followed, autoclaved instruments for every patient, regular fumigation of operating areas to regular checkups of staff. From the moment you enter the clinic you we welcomed by an absolutely clean and hygienic atmosphere which proper sanitization protocols.

Warm And Friendly Doctors : No matter what your own opinion of your oral health is, the doctor never ever shame you for anything. He will probably say he has seen worse (he most definitely has). At crown and roots you can come in without any fear of judgment, your doubts and questions, no matter how silly you think they are, are encouraged and answered patiently. The aim here is not to just focus on the disease but also on the person as a whole.

Every case, no matter how complex or easy is carefully and personally curated by the dentist, in absolute agreement with the patient, hence making you a vital part of the treatment planning.

Cost Effective : An old saying goes “Dentistry is not expensive, Neglect is”. Regular dental checkup s help you catch any disease at the incipient stage thus avoiding complex (and expensive) treatment. At Crown and Roots all the treatments are very reasonably priced. There are multiple options for graded payment systems and zero cost EMI available for the patients. So book your appointment today and experience the luxury of the best dental treatment in Delhi NCR. Happy smiling. For any queries contact 9821999447

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